Titan Master Constructions Sdn Bhd

About Us

Established in 1995, our company was founded by Tee Cheng Hoo and Tee Cheng Tiong. The company was then incorporated in 2005 as Sdn Bhd (private limited company) and continues as such to today. Our main company is located in Batu Pahat, Johor and we have a new office in Taman Perling, Johor Bahru.

Our specialty and area of expertise is in amphibious excavators or swamp excavators that are able to work in areas in which ordinary excavators are unable to. Examples of these inaccessible areas include wetlands or swamp areas, soft terrain or terrain with poor ground conditions. No matter what the terrain conditions or obstacles are, nothing is too tough for our machines as our superior equipment and expert service gets the job done.

Our rental service offers a wide range of equipment at a reasonable cost to complement your diverse projects and project-specific needs.

One of the most important advantages we have over our industry peers is that we are a single source service provider. That means we have a group of exceptionally skilled and experienced workforce and talents that can meet all your requirements and needs, all under one roof. We have specialized in-house hydraulic mechanics and technicians for your machine’s repair and maintenance, as well as skilled machine/equipment operators and experienced site supervisors. On top of that, we provide wheel loader transportation for any and all machines and equipment services bought or leased from our company. This arrangement helps to save on time and cost, on top of offering flexibility in arrangement.

With over 18 years of experience behind us, you can rest assured that we allocate only the most qualified and suitable of our talents to execute the required job tasks and work.

Having such a stellar track record and robust demand has seen our business continuing to expand and our presence in the market progressively becoming more prominent. Our company takes pride in handling all market and economic challenges by constantly updating our range of machines with the latest models and machine attachments on top of having a professional, highly trained and motivated workforce.