Titan Master Constructions Sdn Bhd

Drainage Systems

In Malaysia, as much as 30 cm of rain can fall in a single month. Without adequate drainage, flash flooding can cause extensive damage to both private and commercial property. Over the years, we have installed precast culvert/u-drains, cast in-situ concrete drains, manholes and tidal control gates.

Culvert: A simple culvert lets water flow underneath a road. Traffic can pass during a rainstorm and the road road surface remains undamaged.
Bridge and drift: Steps moderate the flow of water downhill during a flash flood.
Drain cast in situ: A drain built with all its reinforced concrete components cast on site.
Manhole: A pre-cast manhole cavity is installed.
U-Drain A U-drain consisting of re-inforced concrete components all of which were cast off site.
Tidal control gate: Re-inforced concrete gate built entirely on site to prevent upstream salt water contamination.