Titan Master Constructions Sdn Bhd

Road Construction

Dirt or gravel roads are much cheaper to build than sealed and macadamised highways. Consisting of layers of soil and compacted stones, they are more commonly built on private sites such as farms rather than public areas. Here in S.E. Asia we often use local laterite soils which are rich in iron and aluminium. Iron oxide gives these materials a characteristic rusty red colour. We have an experienced and dedicated team which carries out road construction. The works are completed with in-house bulldozers, tractors, excavators and roller compactors.

Tractor laying soil: Having cleared the area, soil is laid as a base course for the road
Lorry delivering 'crusher run': 'Crusher run' (known sometimes as 'crush and run') is stone used for the next layer of the road. It is usually limestone and comes from hill or rock blasting projects. The rock is boken up with a mechanical crusher and laid with small particles of silt or clay called 'fines' which act as a binder. Crushed rock is used because the sharp angular sherds remain in place better the rounded beach or river stones.
Laying 'crusher run': The crusher runs is laid with an standard tractor
Road compaction: Finally the layers are settled with a standard compactor. Although much cheaper to construct than sealed or macadamised roads, these dirt or gravel roads require more maintainance.