Titan Master Constructions Sdn Bhd

Pond Construction

We offer many solutions in our pond construction projects. We have many years’ experience in the construction of various types of pond; for example effluent ponds, underground ponds and on site detention and retention ponds.

Effluent pond: Excavation of the effluent pond commences and all excess soil is removed from the site.
Effluent pond construction: Pond excavation has been completed. An effluent pond is also called a treatment pond. Liquid waste from an industrial process is retained in the pond where it can be treated before being released.
Completed effluent pond: The eflluent pond is completed and retains waste from a palm oil processing plant.
Retention pond: This type of pond has an one inlet and one outlet. In the event of torrential rain, it fills with water which drains away slowly through the outlet preventing flood damage.