Titan Master Constructions Sdn Bhd

Machine Rental Service

Your Trusted Partner

TMC rental services is a dedicated and reputable single source, helping contractors succeed in serving their equipment and service needs. Our operators are well trained personnel to maintain a high level of expertise and safety.

Service Par Excellence

As a highly reputable single source service provider with 18 years of industry experience behind us, our dedication and professional approach towards our clients is what drives us forward. We believe that a strong and long-lasting relationship with our partners is built on trust. And that trust can only come about when our clients feel that we are a partner that they can depend on.

Highly trained and skilled workforce

Service excellence can only be achieved by having the right kind of human assets who reflect the company’s shared core values. Our team of operators is well trained, experienced and hardworking to ensure a high level of competency and safety in any job or project.

Machinery Operating Weight
Excavator Standard Arm
Long Arm
12 tonnes
20 tonnes
30 tonnes
35 tonnes
Amphibious Excavator Long Arm 12 tonnes
20 tonnes
30 tonnes
Backhoe, Backpusher 4x4, Tipper Lorry, Sand Pump, Bulldozer

High Performance Machines

Reliable equipment is the key for timely completion of your project. This is why we are continuing expanding and updating with the latest model, low-hour equipment and attachments. Our goal is to supply our customers with safe, dependable and well maintained equipment to ensure optimal performance and minimize down time. We have in-house mechanics, if breakdown occurs in the field; our mechanics are ready at a moment's notice to go wherever necessary and take care of the problems quickly and efficiently.


The rental period for our machines and equipment are structured in a flexible manner, allowing for rental periods of days/weeks/months or years. As we are a single source service provider, we can transport and deliver your machines to you promptly and on time by utilizing our wheel loader transportation capabilities and provide you with the peace of mind for a successfully completed project, minus the hassle.