Titan Master Constructions Sdn Bhd

River Bank Protection

We deliver cost-effective solutions for river bank slope protection systems. Having completed a feasibility study, our engineers will propose the optimum solution. The objective is to construct a system which holds back earth and prevents down slope movement and instability. This in turn provides permanent support and better area utilization for features such as roads, railways and agricultural terraces.

Gabion wall: A gabion is a wire basket filled with stones. This Gabion wall is a retaining wall constructed at the base of a recenltly built up river bank. Its purpose is to prevent the erosion and eventual collapse of the bank and eliminate the need for continuous dredging
Geobag system: This recently created river bank is protected from collapse by bags filled with sand which we call geobags.
Slope rehabilitation with vegetation: Plant roots are a cheap and natural way to stabilize banks subject to erosion and collapse
Sandfill mattress: A mattress is a form of gabion the height of which is small in comparisson to its breadth. This mattress is filled with sand
Turf reinforcement mat: Turf is also a pleasant looking and reliable form of protection for banks and slopes prone to collapse.